luni, 31 octombrie 2016

How to Build an Excellent Paydex Business Credit Score in Less than 60 Days

During this event, you’ll discover…
Who Dun & Bradstreet is… and how their Paydex score truly works
The one thing you can do to get an excellent Paydex score quickly
How the Paydex score is calculated… and what you can do to insure you quickly get a great score
How the Paydex score ranges… and how it compares to your consumer credit
How to setup your business the RIGHT WAY initially… we’ll walk through all steps from choosing your entity to applying for credit
Where credit issuers are looking to see if your business is listed… and how to get listed so you’ll get approved for new credit
How to get your D-U-N-S number from D&B for FREE… saving you over $800
How D&B’s Credit Builder really works… and what you MUST know before buying it
Where you’ll need to get credit monitoring from… and how to get it cheaply
The 2 requirements you must insure vendors meet before they’ll approve you for credit
All of the vendors you’ll need who will approve you even as a startup… without you supplying your SSN
2 things you must do with your new vendor credit to insure you get an awesome Paydex score
Over 15 store who will approve you within 60 days for new business credit… without a personal guarantee or credit check
How to get cash credit including Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX for your business without a PG
4 things you need to do continually to get and keep good business credit
And much more...
Do you know what’s on your business credit reports? Check out this link to find out! by Ty Crandall, CreditSuite

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